Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome inside my head

For as long as I've been talking I've been sharing my opinion. Sometimes the results of this haven't been so good, others they worked surprisingly well. I spent many a day outside the classroom growing up for sharing my thoughts, albeit often at the wrong time.

Things have changed. I'm older, slightly wiser, and opinionated as ever! As my sister in law pointed out at my wedding I have an opinion on everything. This will be my conduit to sharing, bitching, and maybe even enlightening the rest of the world with the thoughts that are in my head.

If you are offended by honesty, conservative values, foul language, or any other number of potentially off color remarks you may want to leave now.


  1. Oh what a fun ride this is going to be!

  2. Not a single opinion in your first post.... count me as disappointed!