Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Can someone explain to me why the Liberals insist we teach Darwin's theories rather than creation, yet refuse to let Darwin's theories rid the world of the "less fit"?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Stop the taxes, stop the socialism!

I'm against social medicine, social anything for that matter. My issue is with the idea that Pres Obama has that anyone making $200,000 ($250k for couples) is rich and can therefore assume more taxes to subsidize those who are apparently not rich. My problem is that for every person who truly cannot afford insurance there is at least one person who chooses not to have it so they can have their $100/month iPhone contract. Or $200 designer jeans. Or premium get the picture. Unfortunately being stupid or making poor choices isn't something you can regulate but I have major issues with supplying health care because someone thinks that buying something frivolous is more important than health insurance. These people are actually the most egregious abusers of the current system, they can afford and have been offered insurance but don't want to spend the money.

Back to the $250,000 issue and how it relates to health care, why would anyone in their right mind go into medicine these days? You're going to come out of Med school with a minimum of $500,000 in student loans, if you go into a specialty probably more like $700,000. You can't write off the interest on that loan because you make too much money. Now, Pres Obama and company say that anyone making over $250k is making too much and wants to tax their health care and in according to his campaign statements increase their income tax in general. Why would you submit yourself to $3,000 a month in debt for 20 years if you are being vilified by the government for making money? The median household income in 2006 was $48,200. We expect new Dr's to pay $36,000 in loans while the average household is making just 25% more than that and living on it?

I do feel for those who don't have health care. My wife's stepbrother was in an accident last year and he doesn't have health insurance. He tried to get it but was denied for a heart murmur that he had when he was 5. He will likely have to declare bankruptcy. That is absolutely ridiculous! My brother has had bizarre health problems since he was 19. He's had more tests done than anyone can count. The statements come in the costs are staggering! My grandmother has been battling cancer and just broke her hip, if it weren't for Medicare the house would be for sale right now. I'm not immune to this, I'm not cavalier about this, I just don't' like the approach that the government is taking. I happen to believe what John Jay said in Federalist Paper #4, "Government that governs least governs best". I don't want them meddling in my health care or anything else.

I have what I believe is a simple way to fix this: When a Dr comes out of Med School and has finished their internship, residency,etc they can go work in a government funded clinic for a number of years. Say it's 5 years, pay them a decent wage rate and when their time is done the government assumes their student loans. They are then free to enter the workforce without being saddled by a larger monthly payment for student loans than many Americans make in a month. The people who need health care get it, the drain on the system is lessened. You have more Dr's so you will likely have less mistakes due to being overworked. But this will never work. Why? Nobody in government benefits from it. There is no large, over sized, and unnecessary government agency to administer my program.

From a fiscally conservative view this makes tons of sense. Why treat something that takes weeks in the hospital and costs tens of thousands of dollars rather than give someone antibiotics or a vaccination? Do we want to spend $50 or $50,000, not a hard decision. From a human compassion view (yes, some of us on the right have hearts that are ever so slightly softer than stone) you take care of the people who are unable to afford insurance or health care.

What I am against is socialism at any level. I am against the government creating a new, unnecessary agency to administer yet one more program. I am against taxing people at a higher rate that make more than a certain amount of money. You want to be truly effective at capturing taxes from "the rich", go to a consumption tax. Make it 20% if you want, at least it will be equitable. But what about the poor you say? Give them a card, much like they proposed doing to replace food stamps, if you are truly poor you could be exempt of at least pay a lower rate. Put a picture on it much like a drivers license so it can't be passed around. Doug Cords, on of my marketing professors used to always say "the more you make the more you'll spend". That has been absolutely true for me and I suspect for pretty much everyone else as well. $250,000 a year doesn't make you rich in Fresno, let alone LA or San Francisco. It doesn't make you rich in NYC or Chicago either. If you're going to set a dollar amount it needs to vary by your location and that isn't happening. The system is woefully broken, but that's another rant for another day.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The deafening sound of silence

Tomorrow marks the 94th anniversary of the systematic killing of the Armenians by the Ottoman Turk empire. It also marks the 94 time the United States has issued a soft, half-hearted condolence. 1.5 Million people die and all the US has the balls to say is "it was tragic, the death of so many"?! Why is it not followed with "at the hand of the Ottoman Empire"? That is a rheotorical question, the obvious reason today is that we need Turkey far too much to alienate them. They are a huge trading partner for us. They host a very important, strategic military base that we need now more than ever.

Somebody needs to explain something to me, how can a country that talks so much about doing what is right do so little? How come the American populace doesn't get more offended? If not for the Armenians than for those who in Northern Iraq, Bosnia, Sudan, Darfur and so on! We claim that justice will prevail, yet we only intervene when we fancy a regime change. We did nothing to help the Jew, the most widely recognized genocide of all time, but at least we acknowledge that it actually happened!

And what about the current administration? President Obama said without question, with certainty, that he would finaly recognize the Genocide. Am I missing something, or has he changed his mind on that as well? I understand the reasons and the ramifications of such an action, but when you make a promise and don't follow through that is a lie. At least John McCain had the character (or at least the guts) to say that he could not and would not make such an acknowledgement. But we'll look past that and continue to support the guy who placates us rather than the guy with character.

To you, Turkey, why is it so offensive to you that perhaps the US sees history differently than you? You have laws about being "anti Turkish" that hold very, very severe punishments. What is it you fear about your past that makes you so paranoid that someone will have dissent in their mind or in their heart that you legislate allegience? Sure, some Turks died too, but were they forced from their homes? Were they rounded up and put to death like cattle? Were they raped? If this never happened then prove it. You've denied it long enough that most of the people who suffered at your hands (technically your predecessor, I don't blame Turks in general) have died. There is nobody to rebut your story, yet you offer no proof that you didn't try to exterminate a race. There is nobody to enjoy, if that can even possibly be the word, the feeling of being legitimized by your admission-or that of the USA but that's another issue.

Adolf Hitler used the Genocide as justification or to make his plan for a pure Arian race sayinig "who today remembers the Armenians?" What more proof do you need? What more does the US need? Most, if not all, of Europe has made such acknowledgements and I'm sure they still have relations with Turkey. What are we afraid of? They need us as much as we need them. Pull the US money out of Turkey and see what happens, I assure you they will get over it quickly.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome inside my head

For as long as I've been talking I've been sharing my opinion. Sometimes the results of this haven't been so good, others they worked surprisingly well. I spent many a day outside the classroom growing up for sharing my thoughts, albeit often at the wrong time.

Things have changed. I'm older, slightly wiser, and opinionated as ever! As my sister in law pointed out at my wedding I have an opinion on everything. This will be my conduit to sharing, bitching, and maybe even enlightening the rest of the world with the thoughts that are in my head.

If you are offended by honesty, conservative values, foul language, or any other number of potentially off color remarks you may want to leave now.