Thursday, April 23, 2009

The deafening sound of silence

Tomorrow marks the 94th anniversary of the systematic killing of the Armenians by the Ottoman Turk empire. It also marks the 94 time the United States has issued a soft, half-hearted condolence. 1.5 Million people die and all the US has the balls to say is "it was tragic, the death of so many"?! Why is it not followed with "at the hand of the Ottoman Empire"? That is a rheotorical question, the obvious reason today is that we need Turkey far too much to alienate them. They are a huge trading partner for us. They host a very important, strategic military base that we need now more than ever.

Somebody needs to explain something to me, how can a country that talks so much about doing what is right do so little? How come the American populace doesn't get more offended? If not for the Armenians than for those who in Northern Iraq, Bosnia, Sudan, Darfur and so on! We claim that justice will prevail, yet we only intervene when we fancy a regime change. We did nothing to help the Jew, the most widely recognized genocide of all time, but at least we acknowledge that it actually happened!

And what about the current administration? President Obama said without question, with certainty, that he would finaly recognize the Genocide. Am I missing something, or has he changed his mind on that as well? I understand the reasons and the ramifications of such an action, but when you make a promise and don't follow through that is a lie. At least John McCain had the character (or at least the guts) to say that he could not and would not make such an acknowledgement. But we'll look past that and continue to support the guy who placates us rather than the guy with character.

To you, Turkey, why is it so offensive to you that perhaps the US sees history differently than you? You have laws about being "anti Turkish" that hold very, very severe punishments. What is it you fear about your past that makes you so paranoid that someone will have dissent in their mind or in their heart that you legislate allegience? Sure, some Turks died too, but were they forced from their homes? Were they rounded up and put to death like cattle? Were they raped? If this never happened then prove it. You've denied it long enough that most of the people who suffered at your hands (technically your predecessor, I don't blame Turks in general) have died. There is nobody to rebut your story, yet you offer no proof that you didn't try to exterminate a race. There is nobody to enjoy, if that can even possibly be the word, the feeling of being legitimized by your admission-or that of the USA but that's another issue.

Adolf Hitler used the Genocide as justification or to make his plan for a pure Arian race sayinig "who today remembers the Armenians?" What more proof do you need? What more does the US need? Most, if not all, of Europe has made such acknowledgements and I'm sure they still have relations with Turkey. What are we afraid of? They need us as much as we need them. Pull the US money out of Turkey and see what happens, I assure you they will get over it quickly.